How We Save Money for Our Clients – Chapter 1.

A client walks into our new store in Aberdeen Square, Boynton Beach to ask about his Homeowners Insurance. I took a quick look at his policy and notice that there is a $10,000 MAXIMUM LIMIT on ALL Water Claims. I asked him if he was aware of this. He said “My agent never told me that”. Today, I got him out of that policy into a new one that was $150 less but had NO LIMIT for Water Damage.

Another happy client…who received a $20 Publix Gift Card.

Then his neighbor heard about what we did for him and he contacted me.

He’s got a 1 Million Dollar Personal Liability Umbrella that he is paying over $800 per year for. I was able to get him the same policy for $280 per year. Then he showed me his Homeowners Insurance. The price and coverage are reasonable but it’s with a Company that I know is only 3 years old. He gave me his Wind Mitigation Inspection and said “Why don’t you see what you can do?” After shopping his Insurance to 6 different companies I found that the only Florida Admitted Company that is in business since BEFORE Hurricane Andrew (1992) will cover his home for about $50 less. He looked at the quote and the Better Business Bureau reports for the two companies and said to me “That’s who I want to be with”. In the end we saved him $570 AND got him with one of our State’s best companies.

You may have seen this New Ad in the “Around Boynton” Magazine. After it was published, we got a call from the lady pictured below, who was paying close to $1000 per 6 months for her Auto Insurance. We took a quick look and found her the same coverage for $595 per 6 months…saving her almost $800 per year. AND she also got a $20 Publix Gift Card.

Then we got a call from the Ad from the woman pictured below who said “I want to take the “First Florida Quote Challenge”. She is paying close to $1500 per year for her Homeowners Insurance. I did some research and found that the same company she was with would offer her a policy for under $1000 per year. She asked “Why is your quote so much less than my other agent’s?”. I had to tell her the truth…I simply know how to get the best prices with every company I work with…I guess that makes me a better agent. NOT A GUESS…A FACT!!!

Another call from the Ad brings us a woman who was paying $1900 per year for her Auto Insurance. She tells me she has been with the same company for 15 years and never bothered to check prices elsewhere. We were able to get her into a policy with more benefits (she did not have Uninsured Motorist Coverage…she does now) for just under $1500 per year. Saves her $400 per year and gets her more coverage.

Just this morning we a got a Referral from one of our long time clients. He gave me the name of a friend. This friend happens to live across the street from my parents’ previous home in the Polo Club, in a Sub community where we have insured over 15 homes already. He said “I’ve heard very good things about you…my premium just went up by $600…can you do better?” I was able to get him basically the same benefits with a better company (based on my experience in this business) but we were able to add $20,000 worth of Screen Enclosure Coverage (his current policy had NONE) and increase his MOLD coverage to $25,000 (current policy had $10,000) WHILE lowering his premium by $700. Great deal all around.


And that’s how we do it. We have more knowledge, experience, companies and the savvy to get you the Best Prices with the Best Companies in Florida.

Instead or reading about other people saving money…why not give us a call 561 931 0340 and maybe we’ll be writing about how much money YOU saved in our next edition.

That’s all I’ve got for you this week. If you would like a Free Evaluation of your policy all you have to do in contact me and I’ll do the rest.

Woody Lifton

First Florida Insurance
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