Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage Plans

It’s Medicare Supplement Season again and our TVs are filled with commercials about which plan you should buy and info on Medicare Advantage products. The one thing you NEVER see is a direct comparison of a Medicare Supplement Plan vs a Medicare “Advantage” plan…now I’m NOT talking about a Benefit comparison I’m talking about what really matters…WHO is in charge of YOUR health Care? Who makes the final decisions???

Let’s start with the Major difference between the two. With Medicare and a Medicare Supplement…you are still on Medicare (so you keep paying your Medicare Premiums) and you have a premium for your Medicare Supplement. For paying those premiums you get the right to be in charge of and in control of your Health Care. There are NO lists of doctors you must choose from. There are NO referrals needed…EVER!!! If you want a 2nd or a 3rd opinion…No Problem. If you want to use a Surgeon in NY or Chicago or Boston or even if you want to go the famous Dr Debakey’s team of surgeons in Texas…no problem…just make an appointment.

With a Medicare Advantage plan you are NO longer on Medicare and sometimes you do not have to pay a premium (At this point there are so many variations of these plans it’s very hard to keep track). Medicare itself will pay the Advantage plan to take care of you. Obviously, the ONLY WAY these plans can make money…is to NOT Spend all the money they are receiving for each client. This takes the Control out of your hands and puts it in the hands of an Insurance company’s bean counters. This means that when you need a Quadruple By Pass you will be trying to pick a doctor from a list of names that you never heard of…or you’ll be referred to some Doctor you or your friends never heard of.

You cannot go to the Famous Dr Debakey’s team of surgeons in Texas or the surgeon your friends recommended in NY or Chicago and you probably will not be able to go for a 2nd opinion. In my mind these Medicare “Disadvantage” plans take the Control out of your hands and puts Bean Counters in charge of your health care.

This is the Key…everything else…the benefits…the cost…the services…are just what I call a “Smoke Screen” to disguise the fact that you have turned Control of your Health Care to someone else and that someone…works for an insurance company and that someone’s job is to make sure the insurance company makes money.

If you need more guidance on these plans or premiums based on your individual situation just give us a call. We’ve guided thousands of clients in the right direction for the past 35 years and we would be happy to do the same for you.

NOTE: Recently a Medicare Supplement Plan has been introduced that can be as low in Premium as any Medicare Advantage plan but leaves you in Control and In Charge of your Health Care.

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